arrowThey want comfort and peace of mind that they are doing business with a creditable company. Like it or not, consumers are making judgments about a company based upon their website.

•    Does the website give the company a professional appearance?
•    Does the company pay attention to details, do the sweat the small stuff?
•    Do they present their information in an easy to understand format or are they expecting you to decipher their content?
•    Are they transparent or do they look suspicious?

At Social Magnet Marketing, we believe that your website should be your top salesperson. This salesman works 24/7 and puts his best foot forward day or night, never gets tired, doesn't go vacation and never leaves you for a 'new' opportunity.

We work with your current branding or work with you to develop a new branding strategy to design your website. We work to have a consistent brand image across all of your marketing platforms.

Social Magnet Marketing works with clients to develop a website that answers these and many other questions.
Our keyword research and thorough planning allow for an easy to navigate, well laid out experience for the visitor.
We use the Joomla Content Management Platform to build websites for our client. This platform allows a great deal of flexibility for your needs, today and or tomorrow.

Here is a sampling of our website design: